Introduction to Motion

Before Class Preparation:


In Class Activity:

  • Buggy/Pull Back Car Activity
    • Describe the difference between uniform & non-uniform motions
    • Explain how you would predict the position of the object, 1.0 s after your last measurement
  • Assessment Criteria (Thinking/Inquiry):
    • compile accurate data from laboratory and record the data using appropriate formats: graphing & line of best fit

After Class Work:

Gizmos – Projectile Motion

Before class preparation

  • BYOD Laptop, or use the Chromebooks provided.
  • Go to the Google Classroom for the handouts (You can also print the pdf or use Google Docs to answer)
  • Complete “Prior Knowledge” questions for handout

In class activity

  • Complete the worksheets:
    • Assigned Gizmo
  • Unit Projects

After class work

  • Finish Gizmos worksheets FIRST
  • Solutions will be emailed to you AFTER you’ve completed the worksheets
  • Complete the assessment questions once you’ve read the solutions

Intro to Projectile Motion

Before Class Preparation:

In Class Groupwork:

  • We are learning to use kinematic equations to solve problems related to the horizontal and vertical components of the motion of a projectile
    • Projectile Motion measurements exercise using your ruler
    • Projectile motion slides & PollEV discussion

After Class Practice:

Kinematics Equations Practice

Before Class Preparation:

In Class Groupwork:

After Class Practice:

Quiz – Big 5 Equations

Before Class Preparation:

In Class Work:

15 minute Quick-quiz-003: Kinematics Equations

Can you:

  • Recall that free falling objects have an acceleration (due to gravity) of 9.8 m/s2
  • Distinguish directions using the correct sign conventions
  • Recall 5 kinematics equations without aid
  • Select the correct kinematics equation with different initial conditions
  • Solve all 5 kinematics equations when given 3 quantities

After quiz: