Introduction to Thermal Physics

Before Class Preparation:

  • Edpuzzle: Zeroth law of thermodynamics
  • Read (and print if you wish) this worksheet

In Class Activity:

  • PollEV Discussion
  • Thermal Energy/Temperature Scales/Heat Transfer

After Class Work:

Quiz: Work & Energy

Before Class Preparation:

Complete all previous energy self quizzes & CK12 exercises

In Class Work:

15 minute pre quiz discussion 

30 minute quiz: Work & Energy

Can you:

  • Draw LOL diagrams based on given initial and final states
  • Calculate quantities using conservation of mechanical energy
  • Describe the net work done by different forces
  • Explain how an object’s motion is determined by its gravitational potential and kinetic energies

After quiz:

Take up the quiz immediately using Sage & Scribe