Sir Isaac Newton Exam

University of Waterloo Physics Contest

The contest this year is held on May 4th, written under teacher supervision during a two-hour period. As in the past, material will cover basic physics, mainly from the Ontario Secondary School Physics Curriculum. The SIN Contest stresses basic classical mechanics and common sense. 

  • Sign up here to register with Mr. Fong
  • The cost of the SIN Exam is FREE for 2023
  • The test is written online. The length of the test is two hours.
  • Students can write on a school computer or bring in their own laptop.
  • The contest is meant to be fun and will not harm your entrance admissibility. In fact, you are not required to write formal solutions unless you want to be eligible for a book prize.
  • Scanned copies of a student’s solutions will be requested for hand marking via email to their teachers.
  • Practice Problems from the SIN contest website