11-z Enhanced Physics

Overarching Learning Goals for Grade 11 Physics:

  • We are learning to analyze and solve physics problems and relating them to everyday life
  • We are learning to use investigations skills and perform experiments to test the laws of physics
  • We are learning to apply physics concepts in order to assess the impacts of technology on the society & environment

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Big Ideas


  • Motion involves a change in the position of an object over time.
  • Motion can be described using mathematical relationships.
  • Many technologies that apply concepts related to kinematics have societal and environmental implications.


  • Forces can change the motion of an object.
  • Applications of Newton’s laws of motion have led to technological developments that affect society and the environment.

Energy and Society

  • Energy can be transformed from one type to another.
  • Energy transformation systems often involve thermal energy losses and are never 100% efficient.
  • Although technological applications that involve energy transformations can affect society and the environment in positive ways, they can also have negative effects, and therefore must be used responsibly.

Waves and Sound

  • Mechanical waves have specific characteristics and predictable properties.
  • Sound is a mechanical wave.
  • Mechanical waves can affect structures, society, and the environment in positive and negative ways.

Electricity and Magnetism

  • Relationships between electricity and magnetism are predictable.
  • Electricity and magnetism have many technological applications.
  • Technological applications that involve electromagnetism and energy transformations can affect society and the environment in positive and negative ways.

“Big ideas” are the broad, important understandings that students should retain long after they have forgotten many of the details of what they have studied in the classroom. They are the understandings that contribute to scientific literacy.