Energy Introduction

Before Class Preparation:

In Class Activity (2 Days):

  • Debatable question
  • Introduction to Student e-Portfolio
  • Explain the concepts of and interrelationships between (gravitational potential/kinetic) energy and work, and identify and describe their related units

After Class Work:


Unit Test: Energy & Momentum

Before Class Preparation:

  • Complete all braingenie exercises and self quizzes on Google Classroom
  • Rubric for tests are here

In Class Work:

10 minute group discussion

  • To study collisions, a simulation was designed to show the collision between a moving baseball and a stationary bat.
  • An investigation report of a car accident  that includes data of the vehicles involved.
  • A roller coaster, with its passengers, starts from rest on a friction-less track.
  • Consider a friction-less track and mass 1 collides with mass 2.
  • Consider a compressed spring and used to launch a physics student up a ramp.

60 minute written test 

Can you:

  • Use a v-t graph to answer questions about a collision experiment (Thinking/Investigation)
  • Analyse and solve physics problems and relating them to everyday life (Application)
    • A car accident
    • Roller coaster-type questions
    • Spring constant questions
  • Overall Communication Level for neatness and notation

Gizmos – Coulomb Forces

Before class preparation

  • BYOD Laptop, or use the Chromebooks provided.
  • Go to the Google Classroom for the handouts (You can also print the pdf or use Google Docs to answer)
  • Complete “Prior Knowledge” questions for handout

In class activity

  • Coulomb Forces
  • Complete the worksheets:
    • Assigned Gizmo

After class work

  • Finish Gizmos worksheets FIRST
  • Solutions will be emailed to you AFTER you’ve completed the worksheets
  • Complete the assessment questions once you’ve read the solutions
  • Check for new Braingenies

Unit Test – Newton’s Laws

Before Class Preparation:

  • Finish
    • All Newton’s Laws Self Quizzes on Google Classroom
    • All Newton’s laws Braingenie questions
    • All graphing exercises (linearization)
  • Test Rubric is here

In Class Work:

10 minute group discussion
60 minute Test: Newton’s Laws

Can you:

  • Use a velocity-time graph from a Labquest to predict the net force acting on an object in free fall
  • Determine the correct linearization relationship when given a formula
  • Draw free body diagrams
  • Interpret information from free body diagrams
  • Determine net forces acting on different objects from its motions
  • Determine the sizes of friction acting on an object when the object is at rest versus moving
  • Determine the sizes of forces and accelerations of objects connected with a rope
  • Explain Newton’s 3 Laws in different situations

After Test: