OAPT Grade 11 Physics Contest

The OAPT Grade 11 Physics Contest is a free physics contest for students currently attending school in Ontario, taking SPH3U.

  • New: There’s now a division for grade 12 students!
    • The Grade 12 division is for students who have completed SPH4U, or are currently taking SPH4U.
  • The contest takes place in school on TBA during lunch
  • The contest takes 60 minutes
  • There will be 30 multiple choice questions
  • Usually with one or two questions based on previous year’s Nobel Prize in physics, or current events in physics
  • Students can use non-programmable calculators and scrap paper as required for their rough work.


  • Registration page is here (Look for “The Woodlands School”)
  • Once you register, you can access previous contests
  • Our school finished 3rd overall last year with 11 participants

Here is a collection of previous contest questions sorted according to topic.

Past Contests are here (PDSB.net only)

The practice file is here to make sure your login works properly.