Grade 9 Science

Big Ideas


  • Elements and compounds have specific physical and chemical properties that determine their practical uses.
  • The use of elements and compounds has both positive and negative effects on society and the environment.

Earth & Space Science

  • Celestial objects in the solar system and universe have specific properties that can be investigated and understood.
  • Technologies developed for space exploration have practical applications on Earth.
  • Space exploration has generated valuable knowledge but at enormous cost.

Physics (Electricity)

  • Electricity is a form of energy produced from a variety of non-renewable and renewable sources.
  • The production and consumption of electrical energy has social, economic, and environmental implications.
  • Static and current electricity have distinct properties that determine how they are used.

Biology (Ecology)

  • Ecosystems are dynamic and have the ability to respond to change, within limits, while maintaining their ecological balance.
  • People have the responsibility to regulate their impact on the sustainability of ecosystems in order to preserve them for future generations.