Projectile Motion Challenge

Before Class Preparation:

In Class Groupwork:

  • Complete the measurements needed
  • Return steel ball
  • Complete solution sheet & submit (2 per group)
  • Perform challenge
  • Celebrate

After Class Practice:

  • CK12 Projectile Motion

Carbon Cycle & Photosynthesis

Before class preparation

  • What is Photosynthesis & Respiration?
  • What is meant by the carbon cycle?

In class activity

  • Trees PollEV
    • What are trees made of?
  • Photosynthesis cards activity
    • Describe the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration
    • Distinguishing between Photosynthesis & Respiration
  • Carbon Cycle Worksheet

After class work

  • Edpuzzle: What Is The Carbon Cycle
  • Carbon Cycle Worksheet