Introduction to Waves with Pendulums

Before Class Preparation:

  • What is a wave?
  • Bring your favourite song to class
  • Read (or print if your are able) this worksheet

In Class Activity:

  • Group Activity: Pendulum
  • Whiteboard: Sketch a d-t graph for your pendulum

After Class Work:

  • Check Google Classroom for
    • Review Powerpoint used in class: Introduction to Waves
    • Google Form Learning Check in Google Classroom
  • A tutorial of mechanical waves here

Who are Scientists ?

Before class preparation

In class activity

  • Representation in Science Videos
  • Who are these scientists Google slides activity
  • “Getting to know you” Google slides activity

After class work

  • Google Forms:
    • 1st day survey
    • This is a Google form
    • Read & sign course overview
  • “Getting to know you” Google slides activity
  • CK12
  • ASAP science video questions