Quiz – Standing/Sound Waves

Before Class Preparation:

  • Finish Assigned CK12 & Self Quizzes
  • Bring calculator

In Class Work:

  • 15 minute group discussion
  • 30 minute quiz: Application of Standing/Sound Waves

Can you:

  • Determine a wave’s period & frequency when given a graph of the wave.
  • Calculate the frequency of a standing wave in a medium that is:
    • Open at both ends
    • Closed at both ends
    • Open at one end
  • Calculate the speed of sound from a standing wave patterns in an air column closed at one end.
  • Draw a standing wave pattern for an air column or string instrument and
    • Calculate frequencies/lengths of the instrument
  • Describe and calculate how sound changes (frequency, wavelength, velocity) through different mediums

After quiz:

Take up the quiz immediately using Sage & Scribe