Observing the Night Sky

Before class preparation

  • Are there constellations during the day? What about during different seasons?
  • How can we tell a planet from a star in the night sky?
  • BYOD for Kahoots!
  • Videos:

In class activity

  • Finish “Using Constellations”
  • Finding Saturn in the constellation Leo
  • “Seasonal constellations”
    • Identify simple astronomical phenomena (revolution, rotation, gravitation..etc)
    • Identify the names different things we can see in the night sky (stars, planets, constellations, asterisms…etc)
  • Introduction to Scale of the Universe assignment
  • Kahoots!

After class work

  • For next class:
    • What is the largest object that you can think of?
    • What is the smallest object that you can think of?
  • Video: Retrograde motion of Mars

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