Grade 12 Physics Personal Project

Follow the Physics Personal Project Guide here


A culminating/capstone project for your high school physics career

Learning Goals

  • We are learning to analyse and solve physics problems and relating them to everyday life
  • We are learning to use investigations skills and perform experiments to test the laws of physics
  • We are learning to apply physics concepts in order to assess the impacts of technology on the society & environment


Your project should show and document:

  • Subject-specific content acquired and the comprehension of its meaning and significance to you
    • How does your project show that you learned the concepts?
  • The use of critical and creative thinking skills and inquiry, research, and problem-solving skills and/or processes
    • How did you use the scientific method during your project?
  • The use of knowledge and skills to make connections within and between various contexts
    • How does your project use physics to connect to every day life?
  • Scientific communication through various forms
    • How do you plan to present your project?
      • Science Fair presentation?
      • Video?
      • Podcast?


  • November 1st – Physics ideas blog/reflection due
  • November 13th – Google Slides class brainstorm for selecting a topic 
  • November 15thComment on another classmates’ topic ideas 
  • November 20th –  Initial secondary research of your topic
  • November 22nd – Post on your website:
    • Your research question – at least 2 paragraphs on the motivation to select this topic (Will this be a group or individual project?)
    • Secondary research
    • Prototype/Failures