Enhanced: Passion Project


Do you have a passion project at home? Does it connect to grade 11 physics?

If so, read the following to see if it fits the criteria to use as evidence of learning.


Your project should show:

  • Subject-specific content acquired and the comprehension of its meaning and significance to the unit
    • How does your project show you’ve learned the concepts in the unit?
  • The use of critical and creative thinking skills and inquiry, research, and problem-solving skills and/or processes
    • How did you use the scientific method during your project?
  • The use of knowledge and skills to make connections within and between various contexts
    • How does your project use physics to connect to every day life?
  • Scientific communication through various forms
    • How do you plan to present your project?
      • In class oral presentation?
      • Science Fair presentation?
      • Video?
      • Podcast?


  • The project should be completed and presentedĀ before the date of the regular end of unit assessment.

If you have something that fits the above criteria, speak with Mr. Fong to see if it can be used as an alternative assessment for a unit in physics.

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