4 Waves & Sound Performance Task: Build your own instrument

Presentation & Performance date: TBA

This project completed individually as one of two projects to complete for the course. Students can request a classmate as their mentor (helper) as long as it’s not a reciprocal partnership.

Success Criteria:

  1. I can explain the physics behind the instrument I created & identify its type (string/wind…etc).
  2. I can effectively communicate how wave concepts (superposition/standing waves/resonance..etc.) can be applied to my instrument.
  3. I can measure the correct quantities in my instrument and apply my knowledge of wave equations with these measurements to play the desired notes on my instrument


  • Design and create a musical instrument
  • Present your process and play your instrument in class


  • Physics Hypertext information on the physics of music
  • The Google Slides used in class is here
  • The Presentation Requirements are here
  • The rubric will be posted here