1 Kinematics Performance Task: A Buggy’s Life (Enhanced Class)

Due: Before the unit test (end of September/Early October)

  1. The Google Slides used in class is here
  2. The Report Requirements are here
  3. Co-constructed ideas Padlet is here
  4. The rubric will be posted here
  5. Submit the video of your results here

This project will be conducted in groups with group members completing a report individually should they choose to replace the grade on a quiz/test.

Learning Goals:

  1. I can create a detailed diagram of each scenario.
  2. I can measure the correct variables and apply my knowledge of kinematics equations with these measurements to provide inputs to my model of each scenario.
  3. I can properly derive a kinematic equation to reflect and calculate the outcome of each scenario.
  4. I can effectively communicate how kinematics concepts can be applied to projects within science, technology, society, and the environment.

Your task: to design a method to address the following scenarios using a pull-back car and constant motion buggy. A report must be ready for submission on the due date with the following sections:

  1. Diagrams of each scenario.
  2. Measurements & calculations made during class time.
  3. Derivation of the equation(s) used to perform the task.
  4. A conclusion and brief discussion of maximum 300 words including applications of this task (e.g. how this exercise can be used to program self driving cars).

Procedure Considerations:

When designing your experiments to measure acceleration and speed of your cars, remember to consider the following important factors:

  • Keeping the acceleration of the pull-back car consistent – how many times do you wind it up? What is the pull-back distance each time?
  • How do you keep the cars going straight?
  • Make sure you use the same cars every time.


  • Car Chase
  • Head-on Collision