1B Kinematics Performance Task: Stop Motion Video

Due: TBA

  1. The Google Slides instructions are here
  2. Race track is here
  3. An exemplar video is here
  4. Stop Motion Studio App:

This project is an individual assignment, although you may seek help from a partner to help you with the set up and vice versa. One video submission per student, you are not sharing videos.

Learning Goals:

  1. To investigate & explain uniform and non-uniform motion in everyday life
  2. To apply concepts in kinematics to a typical everyday scenario                            

Your task: to design and create stop motion videos to represent uniform & non-uniform motion

Success Criteria:

  • I can explain uniform and non-uniform motion in everyday life
  • I can apply concepts in kinematics to a typical everyday scenario     

Task requirements:

  • A reflection about how the project helped you understand concepts in kinematics relating to everyday life.
  • Video(s) linked in the Google Doc
  • Google sheet to show your calculations embedded it in your Google doc