2 Newton’s Challenge

  • You may work alone, pairs, or a maximum of 3 students in a group
  • Presentation used in class is here
  • Green Screen Technology available in the library: TouchCast
  • Use the Claim/Evidence/Reasoning framework when explaining a Law

Group & topic selection due date: TBA

  • Submit the information about your group in Google Classroom
    • Who are your group members?
    • Which activity/technology selected to analyze?
    • Which law(s) will you be in charge of?

Outline/Script due date: TBA

Final submission due date: TBA

  • Newton’s Challenge Video Rubric (No Vertical Videos!)
  • Video submission here


  1. Create a 3-5 minute video that describes & explains one of Newton’s 3 Laws for a grade 9 student, based on an activity/technology you chose to analyze.
  2. Analyse an activity or technology that applies Newton’s 3 laws
  3. Use the Google Form in Google Classroom to submit the link to your video (each person in the group must do this)
  4. Assess that technology’s social or environmental impact (pros/cons, possible advancements/improvements) using an infographic such as Canva or Piktochart

Example (Full Feature) Video:

For a Car Crash:

Your video is not expected to be as long or as detailed