Gizmos – Ripple Tank

Before class preparation

  • BYOD Laptop, or use the Chromebooks provided.
  • Go to the Google Classroom for the handouts (You can also print the pdf or use Google Docs to answer)
  • Complete “Prior Knowledge” questions for handout

In class activity

  • Quick lab on the speed of light in a microwave
  • Complete the worksheets:
    • Assigned Gizmo

After class work

  • Finish Gizmos worksheets FIRST
  • Solutions will be emailed to you AFTER you’ve completed the worksheets
  • Complete the assessment questions once you’ve read the solutions
  • Check for new Braingenies

Types of EM Waves

Before Class Preparation:

  • BYOD Laptop
  • What types of EM waves are there?

In Class Activity:

  • Magic minute
    • Students are divided into groups to research one type of EM wave and complete a slide in Google Classroom
      • Radio waves
      • Microwaves
      • Infrared waves
      • Visible light waves
      • Ultraviolet waves
      • X-Rays
      • Gamma Rays
    • Students will present afterwards during the period (1 minute each)

After Class Work:

  • Braingenie: Waves Review