Quiz – Thermal Energy (Application)

Before Class Preparation:

  • Complete class work and relevant Braingenie/Gizmo exercises
  • Read and follow instructions on this pre-quiz

In Class Work:

30 minute quiz: Application: Familiar/Unfamiliar situations

Can you:

  • Identify & apply different methods of thermal energy transfer
  • Apply energy concepts for 2 objects of different temperatures and brought to thermal equilibrium
  • Read a temperature-time graph and extract information about specific heat and latent heat
  • Explain why things feel cold on your skin
  • Apply energy concepts to explain this demonstration

After quiz:

Latent Heat

Before Class Preparation:

In Class Activity:

  • PEOE:
    • Ice cube in the metal & plastic trays
    • Temperature Graph of Melting Ice & Boiling Water
  • Group work: Latent Heat
  • PollEV Questions

After Class Work:

Specific Heat Capacity and Heat Capacity

Before Class Preparation:

In  Class Activity:

  • Mind Map on Heat (whiteboards)
    • You can also use draw.io or MindMup to make an electronic Mind Map for your website
  • PEOE Activity 1 – Which Surface is Hotter?
  • PEOE Activity 2 – Balloons and Heat
  • Lesson on specific heat capacity and heat capacity

After Class Work:

Gizmo – Calorimetry

Before class preparation

  • Meet and work in the lecture hall
  • BYOD laptop/chromebook for Gizmo Simulation
  • Go to the Google Classroom for the handouts
  • Complete “Prior Knowledge” questions for handouts

In class activity

  • Complete the worksheets for the Gizmos
  • Work on updating your blog for the unit project (7-9 posts by the end of the week)

After class work

  • Finish Gizmos worksheets
  • Complete the assessment questions

Intro to Thermal

Before Class Preparation:

 Class Activity:

  • PollEV discussion
  • Mind Map on Heat (whiteboards)
    • You can also use draw.io to make an electronic Mind Map for your website

After Class Work: