Unit Test – Newton’s Laws

Before Class Preparation:

  • Finish
    • All Newton’s Laws Self Quizzes on Google Classroom
    • All Newton’s laws Braingenie questions
    • All graphing exercises (linearization)
  • Test Rubric is here

In Class Work:

10 minute group discussion
60 minute Test: Newton’s Laws

Can you:

  • Use a velocity-time graph from a Labquest to predict the net force acting on an object in free fall
  • Determine the correct linearization relationship when given a formula
  • Draw free body diagrams
  • Interpret information from free body diagrams
  • Determine net forces acting on different objects from its motions
  • Determine the sizes of friction acting on an object when the object is at rest versus moving
  • Determine the sizes of forces and accelerations of objects connected with a rope
  • Explain Newton’s 3 Laws in different situations

After Test: