Unit Test: Motion

Before Class Preparation:

  • Complete all braingenie exercises and self quizzes on Google Classroom
  • Enhanced classes: Buggy Report Due by the due date or the test will count
  • Rubric for test is here

In Class Work:

10 minute group discussion

60 minute written test 

  • Retrieve information from a Labquest to answer a question (Thinking/Investigation)
  • Analyse and solve physics problems and relating them to everyday life (Application)
  • Apply kinematics concepts in order to assess the impacts of driving on the society (Application)
  • Overall Communication Level for neatness and notation

Can you:

  • Describe how you would set up a cart on an incline that would produce graphs of different shapes on a Labquest
  • Identify the correct number of significant digits in a calculation
  • For a free falling body, explain: its motion, the factors that affect free fall, and conditions needed for free fall
  • Use data collected from an experiment and calculate an average measurement and its uncertainty
  • Use the 5 kinematics equations when given 3 quantities to solve familiar and unfamiliar word problems
  • Use the 5 kinematics equations with different initial conditions to solve unfamiliar word problems in one dimensional and two dimensional (projectile motion) kinematics.
  • Apply the concepts of distance/displacement and speed/velocity in solving an unfamiliar word problem.

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